Local Groninger mustardsoup 6,50
With local sausage

Delfzielster fishsoup 7,50
filled with various types of fish


Generously filled baguette (white or dark)

Beef carpaccio 12,50
With truffle mayonnaise, roasted fava beans and Italian cheese

Brie and bacon 12,50
Baked and served with mango chutney

Spiced chicken 12,50
With salad, atjar and peanut sauce

Ham 11,00
With melted cheese and honey mustard sauce

Smoked salmon 13,00
With cream cheese, salad and lemon mayonnaise

Norwegian prawns 14,50
With cream cheese, salad and cocktail sauce


Spare ribs 14,00
With fried onion, mushrooms, our special marinade, Greek cabbage salad and served on a crispy multigrain bun


Dark or white bread from our local bakery Prins

Beef croquettes with bread 12,00
Two pieces with local Groninger mustard

Shrimp croquettes with bread 15,00
Two pieces with cocktail sauce

3 fried eggs with Ham and/or cheese 11,00
Served with bread

3 fried eggs with Smoked salmon 12,50
Served with bread and lemon mayonnaise

3 fried eggs with Seafood 14,50
Served with bread

Sailor’s lunch fish 16,00
Fish soup, shrimp croquet and a fried egg with salmon

Sailor’s lunch meat 15,00
Local Groninger mustard soup, beef croquette and a fried egg with ham and cheese


Oriental chicken 13,50
Lettuce, marinated chicken thigh, bean sprouts, onion, pepper, Spring onion and teriyaki sauce

Seafood 14,00
Smoked salmon, peeled garlic shrimp, tomato, Sweet and sour cucumber, croutons and citrus vinaigrette


Croque Monsieur 12,50
With ham and/or cheese

Croque Madame 13,50
With ham and/or cheese and a fried egg


Fish platter 22,50
Assorted cold and smoked fish with bread and spreads

All hands on deck 18,50 
Our appetizer platter with various hot and cold snacks

Nachos topped with cheese 12,00
Choose your topping: pulled chicken/pulled pork or ground beef

Loaded fries topped with cheese 8,50
Choose your topping: pulled chicken/pulled pork or ground beef

Portion of bitterballen 6,50
6 pieces with Groninger mustard

Snackplatter 15,50
18 deep fried mini snacks with chili sauce and mayonnaise

Crispy Japanese chicken bites 7,00
With garlic sauce

Fried cheese sticks 7,00
With chili sauce



Bread with spreads 6,50 

Groninger mustard soup 6,50
With local dry sausage and spring onion

Delfzielster fish soup 7,50 
With a variety of fish and vegetables

Flammkuchen 10,50 
With tender chicken and cheese

Beef carpaccio 14,50
With truffle mayonnaise, roasted fava beans and Italian cheese

Prawn pan 13,50
Fried in garlic-pepper oil

Fish cocktail 14,50
With a variety of fish and cocktail sauce

Shrimp croquette 10,50
With salad and cocktail sauce



Grilled black tiger shrimp 21,50
With tomato salsa

Fried mussels 22,50
With bacon and leeks

Fish pan 21,50
with a variety of oven-baked fish

Served with fries, salad and mayonnaise


Pan-fried plaice 18,50

Two fried sole 22,50

Catch of the day 24,50

Choice of: white sauce, Hollandaise sauce or a handful of Norwegian shrimp

Served with salad, fries and mayonnaise

Meat & vegan

Served with salad, fries and mayonnaise

Black Angus burger 18,00
With guacamole, tomato salsa and nachos

Pork fillet satay 18,00
With atjar and kroepoek

Havencafé ribs 22,50
With a sweet and spicy marinade

Beefsteak with gravy
170 grams 23,00 / 300 grams 29,00

Chicken schnitzel 17,50 
With fried mushrooms, onion and melted cheese

Vegetarian empanadas 17,00
With tomato salsa

For little pirates 8,00
Chicken nuggets/frikadeller/croquette with fries, applesauce and mayonnaise


Tiramisu  7,50
Classic Italian dessert

Churros 7,50
With cinnamon sugar and bueno sauce

Boerenjongens 7,50
Vanilla ice cream, egg liqueur, cookies and rum raisins

Fruit coupe 7,50
Vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit and whipped cream

Dame blanche 7,50
Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Kids ice cream 5,50
Surprise ice cream


Handelskade-West 20
9934 AA Delfzijl
+31 596 762 922


Maandag: gesloten
Dinsdag: gesloten
12:00 – 20:00
Donderdag: 12:00 – 20:00
vrijdag: 12:00 – 00:00
Zaterdag: 12:00 – 00:00
Zondag: 12:00 – 20:00


Havencafé is gelegen aan de havenboulevard in de haven van Delfzijl! Op circa 5 minuten lopen vanaf het centrum en op nog geen 10 minuten lopen van het strand en het bus/treinstation. Vanaf Delfzijl is er een directe trein- en busverbinding naar Appingedam, Groningen en Winschoten.